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FEXConfig configuration

To be filled

  • File-> Load Default Options
    • Only do this one time to fill the default Config.json
    • File-> Save to save this to .fex-emu/Config.json
  • File-> Open Default
    • Opens the .fex-emu/Config.json file

Setup Rootfs

Emulation tab in FEXConfig contains the rootfs configuration.

  • Named RootFS folders option shows RootFS installed in $HOME/.fex-emu/RootFS/
    • sqsh files and folders are selectable here
  • Selecting an option in the Named RootFS option will set the name in RootFS
    • If your x86 RootFS is in an absolute folder elsewhere, you can place the absolute path in the RootFS option

Manual Configuration

The FEX main configuration file lives at $HOME/.fex-emu/Config.json

  • or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.fex-emu/Config.json if you use XDG).

This is a JSON file that holds all of our settings. The basic structure is as follows:

     "Config": {
           "Threads": "0",
           "MaxInst": "500",
           "RootFS": "Ubuntu_21_10"

There are a fair number of configuration options to tinker with. You can see a full suite of configuration option in the FEX man pages.

  • man FEX - To see the options
    • Under the ENVIRONMENT section there is each option's ENVIRONMENT override
    • Additionally each option has a "JSON key" name that shows the Key inside of the Config.json file
    • Every option is a string inside of the config and will be reinterpreted to their programmatic type at load