The Talos Principle

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The Talos Principle


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Operating Systems Linux
Engine Serious Engine
Architecture x86-64, x86-32
CPU Features Used Unknown
Compatibility Crashes
Type Game
Render API Vulkan
Supported Thunks Vulkan

Steps to Run

No special instructions


Early Window resize breaks swapchain

 Swap-chain image cannot be acquired from recreated chain due to internal error!

If you resize the window before the game has created its first frame then an error will pop up about failure to recreate swapchain image.

This occurs even running on an x86-64 native host outside of FEX-Emu. Game Bug.


Failure to create swapchain on Adreno/Turnip or AArch64

Looks like this game fails to create its swapchain for some reason on either AArch64 or Turnip video driver. Needs more testing to find the real error.

Testing Results

This title has been tested on the environments listed below:

Test Entries
Revision Arch of Title Arch of Host SoC GPU Result Tester
FEX-2207 x86-64 x86-64 Runs with thunks Sonicadvance1
FEX-2207 x86-64 AArch64 Snapdragon 888 Adreno 660 Doesn't run Sonicadvance1