Titanfall 2

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Titanfall 2


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Operating Systems Windows
Engine Source
Architecture x86-64
CPU Features Used Unknown
Compatibility Unplayable
Type Game
Render API Direct3D

Steps to Run

No special instructions



EA Launcher

  • 3rd party launchers have consistently been a pain anywhere and everywhere, and this is no exception on FEX
    • Launching the game, the launcher does download, shows an "applying" window, and shows the launcher window for a brief second, then vanishes and sits in the background until the game is closed manually
      • why this happens is unknown, but it's currently a blocker for running any EA game

Testing Results

This title has been tested on the environments listed below:

Test Entries
Revision Arch of Title Arch of Host SoC GPU Result Tester
FEX-2402-16-gbbac014 x86-64 AArch64 Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 Adreno 690 Launcher gets in the way of this running Dantheman825